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Day Analysis

Submitted by bkrislov on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:38

Organizational and prepartion period:
At 9:30 AM I awoke to my alarm, turned it off and began  PT (physical therapy) exercises for my achiles tendon and then some light full body stretching for about 15 minutes. At aproximately 9:45 AM I entered the shower, and spent about 15 minutes cleaning myself and brushing my teeth. By 10 AM I was getting dressed and organizing my closet. Until 11 AM there was free time which I utilized by getting some reading done for one of my classes (JPN 226) and then receiving a phone call from my brother about the logistics of traveling to see each other this weekend. That lasted from roughly 10:40-10:55 AM. After 11AM I began assembling the items I would need for my two classes and filling my bag with them.  At 11:10 AM I left my apartment building to do maintenance work on my bicycle, adding air to the tires and greasing the chain.

Active Day Period:
At 11:20 I left via bicycle to the IBS building to arrive for an 11:30 AM Organic Chemistry class. The class went until 12:45 PM, and was composed of in class questions and lecturing. From 12:45-1PM I rode my bike to get a cup of tea and then travel to a 1 PM JPN preforming arts class. The class lasted until 2:15 PM, and afterwards I took a short walk with a classmate to listen to his plan proposals for starting a new club that helps pre-med students find work abroad. This meeting took about 30 minutes, until aproximately 2:45 where I began traveling via bike to downtown Amherst to meet up with my MCAT prep study group. The group dissolved around 4 PM and I traveled back onto campus for dinner and socialization.

Evening Free Time and Recreation:
At 5 PM I met at the Hampshire dining common with a friend for dinner. Social topics and sports topics were discussed over dinner until aproximately 6 PM. Once this was over I returned to North D to change clothes, and head to the gym. I swam in the pool for about 30 minutes, before working out for another hour after that until 8 PM when the gymnasium closed. After this, I returned to North D and showered off the chlorine form the pool. The remaining hours of the day were spent in recreation with roommates, watching a movie and discussing current events. I would estimate that the time of sleep began at roughly midnight.