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My day

Submitted by mpetracchi on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:32

School work

Go to first class

Finish class walk around 

Next class in same hall

Do some homework

Meet with Grad Lab TA

Do homework



Go to frank/eat

Go to Worcester/eat

Go to hamp/eat


Morning/night routine

Wake up to alarm

Check phone

Get up from bed

Drink water

Go to the bathroom

Get changed

brush teeth

Do some HW if I have any

Get my school stuff


Get changed





Go to gym

Hang out with friends

Hang out



Head out to bus stop

Get off bus by fine arts center

Wait for bus

Go back to apartment

Drive to campus

Drive back to apartment


Paragraph for morning/night routine

On a daily basis I wake up at 9:30 AM to my alarm and turn it off. Then I check my phone for any emails or messages I should be responding to, mainly school emails or friends and family. Once I'm ready, I get up from my bed and stretch a bit before standing up. From here I go to the kitchen and drink some water because I get thirsty at night. I go to the bathroom and then back to my room to get changed. If I had missd any work in from last night I try nd get some done during this time. My stuff school is generally sprawled out on my desk so I pack it up in my bag. Now I'm ready to go out to the bus and go to school. Having this routine prepares me for the day and anything I may come across. When my day has concluded I make sure to shower and clean myself up before bed. I leave the shower and get changed for bed. From here I try and fall asleep quick to get the most amount of time sleeping