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Methods Reflection

Submitted by damianszyk on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 18:24

Prior to the methods project, I have never had an assignment where we were to write the way we did. It was tough at first to give direction in my methods project without telling the reader what I actually did to get the result I did. With practice in writing my drafts, I began to find the methods project running smoothly. Although there was a lot of out of class work to do, the project was very interesting to see how well I could follow someone’s methods to recreate a multi-panel scientific panel I have never seen before. Surprisingly, the end result for most of the classes replicate figure looked very close to the original. There were plenty of differences in each replicate, but for the most part, most replicates looked similar to the original. This meant that I was able to write in a way that others were able to understand and follow. The methods project allowed me to practice writing a methods section in the future for a scientific paper.



in the second sentence you say "what i actually did to get the result i did" which is kind of repetitive 

change prior to before, remove actually in the second sentence, change very interesting to exciting, there is an unclear antecedent in the final sentence, what does the work "this" refer to?