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Research Design

Submitted by imadjidov on Sun, 11/10/2019 - 22:05

HOX genes are a group of highly conserved genes in organisms that dictates their body plans. To determine whether HOX genes are a reliable indicator of phylogeny, we look to determine the reliability of the phylogenetic trees made using the HOXC gene and comparing it to the existing phylogenetic tree. The analysis would highlight differences in HOXC gene expression, which is gathered using MEGA software. The conclusion to this study will allow for the determination of phylogeny in a new species using the sequence of the HOXC gene.




We is a little ambiguous in the second sentence

Perhaps giving the reason behind wondering if HOX genes are indicators for phylogeny might be a good addition. 

For the paragraph, both HOX and HOXC were used, perhaps you should clarify the difference between the two and how they releate to each other