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Submitted by damianszyk on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 13:41

The other day in my genetics class, we were talking about cloning and the idea of cloning your own pets such as dogs and cats came up. Although I don't have neither a cat or dog, I still would be againt cloning one of my pets. Aside from the ridiculous idea of cloning your pet, the price to do so was even more outrageous. It costs $50,000 to clone your dog and $25,000 to clone your cat. We took a class poll to see what the majority of people would answer to whether they would their pet, and the majority of the class voted no. This did not surprise me at all since this was never topic of discussion that has been brought up with anyone that I've ever talked to. I guess a valid reason to clone your pet is if it dies suddenly to a traggic accident; but even then, is that what's best to do?



This piece is very opinionated and direct which is good, however it could have some more scientific reasons to back up why you have your opinion, like how genetically identical pets would not be guarenteed to have the same personality because it is so much based on environment, as shown by psychology studies with identical twins. 

You could say domesticated canines and felines instead of "dogs and cats" to give it a more scientific sound?