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perfect paragraph broad diets

Submitted by mlabib on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 22:07

While studying for my Biology 287 class, which is introduction to Ecology, I have realized a lot of predators have broad diets. Most predators eat prey in relation to their availability without showing a preference for any particular prey species. While the preferences of many species are fixed, others frequently switch prey item. Switching usually results in the consumption of prey at a rate disproportionate to the prey's occurrence. A predator, like a lynx will be specific if it eats tat species more often than would be expected based on that prey's availibility. That is why it will choose the snow hare bunny. They are considered specialists. Same goes with the coyote. This constitutes 60-80% of the coyotes diet. Some predators concentrate teir foraging on what ever prey is most plentiful, which to me makes the most sense. The more they fill you up the better! In a research conducted, guppies were given fruit flies that float on the water surface or worms that sink, and they chose the one that is more abundant. They will switch to either, whichever is most abundant. 



talk about why this is relevant in our world first before speaking about such a broad topic

The lynx sentence has some typos and doesn't make much sense. Perhaps link it to the next sentence about the snow hare bunny.

Don't need a comma in "A predator, like a lynx"