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Leaf Observation 9/6 Revised

Submitted by bpmccarthy on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:16

Today I observed a leaf composed of three leaflets, similar to a clover. The middle leaf was larger than the two to the side. The leaflets had two different-colored sides; one side was a darker green color while the other was a pale green color. Looking at the pale side of the leaves it was easier to see some of the discolorations on the leaves and stems. The most obvious blemishes were dark marks made by leaf miners, which are little insects that use the leaf as a place to lay eggs and feed during the early part of their life. One of the dark blemishes was almost circular which can be seen on the right-hand leaf looking from the dark side, and had a small orange spot towards the bottom of the blemish. On the pale side of the leaves, small brown spots can be seen covering all three leaves, and there can be seen a silvery or reflective discoloration on the left half of the right-hand leaf. The leaves had a slight brownish tint on the edges, and each leaf had a number of indentations on the edges. The middle leaf had six indentations, and from the dark green side, the leaf to the right had 3 indentations while the leaf to the left had 5 indentations. The leaf measured about 7.5 cm from the tip of the stem to the tip of the middle leaf. From end to end of the side leaves it measured about 6 cm across. The stem was a dark reddish-brown color on the dark green side, while it was pale on the other side, the side which I assumed was not in direct sunlight. The leaves on the pale side also had a velvety texture, while the darker green leaves were more waxy, which are properties that I assume help with sunlight absorption and photosynthesis.



I like how you were very specific with your observations, namely mentioning how each leaf were different from one another. One thing I would maybe fix is the order of your sentences. I think that describing the leaf's specific dimensions earlier in the paragraph would be ideal.