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3-In-1 software facilitates post analysis of simulations from PEDAGOG and parentage assignment comparison output from PedAgree. It is composed of three separate functions.

The first function (Error Comparer) compares true and apparent genotype files produced by PEDAGOG for cohort misclassification and genotype error.

The second function (Mates & Candidates) reports the number and proportion of sampled and unsampled parents for a given cohort. Additionally, the average number of mates for females and males is reported for parents of the cohort along with number of full-sibling, maternal half-sibling, and paternal half-sibling families, and the number of females and males producing them.

The third function (Cohort Clipper) extracts parentage assignment comparison data for a cohort from a PedAgree details file. This is useful when comparing accuracy results for programs that assigne parentage to all cohorts simultaneously with those that assign a single cohort at a time.

Software last updated: August 20th, 2008


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