Evolutionary Ecology Software

During analysis of individual reproductive success of wild brook trout using molecular pedigree reconstruction, we have come across the need for certain types of software. Here we provide free access to seven software programs. The programs perform input file formation, distribution visualization, individual-based dynamic population simulation, pedigree accuracy assessment, effective population size (Ne) estimation, post-simulation parameter recovery, and extraction of output into a more accessible format. We hope that you find these programs useful and welcome comments or suggestions. Please register if you'd like information on program updates.

Jason, Ben, and Keith


CREATE          DistriVIEWtion          GONe          PEDAGOG          PedAgree          3-In-1          COLONY Extractor


Program References

Coombs, J. A., B. H. Letcher and K. H. Nislow. 2008. CREATE: a software to create input files from diploid genotypic data for 52 genetic software programs. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8: 578-580.

Coombs, J. A., B. H. Letcher and K.H. Nislow. 2010. PEDAGOG: Software for simulating eco-evolutionary population dynamics, Molecular Ecology Resources, 10: 558-563.

Coombs, J. A., B. H. Letcher and K.H. Nislow. 2010. PedAgree: Software to quantify error and assess accuracy and congruence for genetically reconstructed pedigree relationships. Conservation Genetics Resources, 2: 147-150.

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Although six of the seven programs are fully independent and can be used for various purposes, six of the programs were developed as part of an overall goal and thus can and do relate to one another. Below is a flowchart depicting those relationships.

Flow Chart


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