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Simple squamous epithelial: Aorta, human 40x -annotated

Submitted by tcairo on Tue, 02/06/2018 - 15:20

Total magnificaiton: 400x

Objective magnification: 40x

N= nucleus

SSE= simple squamous epithelium

L= lumen

CT= connective tissue


When dealing with epithelium, please label the lumen always, if visible in the image. You could also label connective tissue in this image. When labeling, use 1-2 letter on the image itself, not words. Then define those letters in the description below the image in a key (i.e. N= nucleus). Please include the total magnification in the description below the image as well, and the objective mag. in the title as you did. When labeling a type of epithelium, bracket off a region of cells that is that type of epihtelium, and label it, rather than just pointing to 1 cell (you might have wanted to zoom out to do this, to show more cells).