Spring 2014 Gallery

Welcome to Fall 2013 Gallery, the UMass Histology Gallery.

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Cardiac Muscle- Heart muscle
Multilocular Adipose Tissue
Elastic Cartilage
Hyaline Cartilage
WP, Duodenum Epithelial
WP, Duodenum E
Simple columnar epithelium
Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Tongue Redo
Palatine Tonsil
Vas Deferens 200x
Ovariers, 40X
Testes 20x
Thymus 10X
Vas Deferens 10X
Lymph Nodule 10X
Palatine Tonsil 4X
Human Testis, 20x/0.40
Thymus 4X
Peyer's Patch ileum 4x
Lymph nodule
Spleen 10X
Lymph Node, Human - 4x
Pig Liver 100x
Palatine Tonsils @ 40x
Palatine tonsil 4x
Palatine Tonsil 40X
Spleen 10x/0.25
Thymus 40x
Spleen (Dog)
Lymph Nodes
Hen Ovary 10x
Spleen, dog - 4x/0.10
Lymph Node 4x
Rabbit Ovary
Human Adult Thymus, 20x
Testes 100X
Human. Ileum, 10x
Lymph Node 4x/.10
Palatine Tonsin 40X
Fundic Stomach
Gall Bladder
Palatine Tonsil
Lymph Nodules
Mammal Testis 100X
Ovary - Lab 8
Thymus 4x/0.10
Vas Deferens - Ductus Deferens - Monkey - 100x
Lymph Node
Lymph Gland 20X
Lymphatic nodule
Vas Deferens
Rabbit Uterus 100x