Spring 2012 Gallery

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Toluidine-stained Paraffin-Embedded Section of Ovary at 20x
Ovary and neighboring reproductive tissue, ovary
Primordial follicle, primary follicle, and corpus luteum, ovary
Primary follicle, secondary follicle, and corpus luteum, ovary
Ovary immunohistochemistry of actin, ovary
Secondary follicle
Several ovarian follicles
Cryostat Immuno Ovary merge
Fluorescent Image of Skeletal Muscle at 600x Magnification.
Skeletal Muscle at 400x
Skeletal Muscle at 400x
Stomach Rugae 40x
Esophagus-Stomach Junction 100x
More paraffin-embedded ovary
Paraffin embedded ovary
Cryostat Ovary Phalloidin probe
Low Magnification 20X view of Ovary
Ovary immunohistochemistry merge, ovary
Secondary follicle, ovary
Multiple secondary follicles, Ovary
Rat Uterus annotated
Immunocytochemistry x400
Skeletal Muscle Paraffin x200
Uterus, 200x Paraffin
Uterus, 200x.
Maturing Follicle, Rat Ovary, 200x
Ovary Immunohistochemistry Collagen Type IV 200X
Rugae Cryostat
Intestine Cryostat_Laminin & Phalloidin Stain
Intestine 40x
Skeletal Muscle 100x
Skeletal Muscle 100x
ovary frozen
 section stained
 for immunohistochemistry
ovary, toluidine‐stained
paraffin‐embedded 400x
ovary toluidine‐stained
paraffin‐embedded 400x
400x fozen longitudinal section of skeletal muscle
Paraffin Renal Corpuscle
Renal Corpuscle
Renal Corpuscle
400x ICC skeletal muscle
IHC Kidney 200x
Secondary Follicle, Rat Ovary 200x
Immunohistochemistry, Kidney : Renal Corpuscle
Small Intestine 200x
ICC Muscle 200X
20X Ovary
Frozen skeletal muscle section x400
Paraffin-embedded skeletal muscle section x400
Muscular Artery- Kidney
ICC- Kidney 200x
Paraffin Kidney 200x
Small Intestine 200x
Cryostat Stomach 100x
Paraffin Stomach 20x
Paraffin Stomach 40x
ICC of Muscle x 200
Paraffin Section of Muscle x 400
Small Intestine Rat ICC
ICC Small Intestine (Rat)