Spring 2013 Gallery

Welcome to Spring 2013 Gallery, the UMass Histology Gallery.

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Small Intestine - Duodenum
Liver 20x
Portal Triad of the Liver
Rat Uterus
Small Intestine - Duodenum
Rat Liver 20x
Rat Tongue Immunohistochemistry 100x
Liver 20x
Paraffin Liver 100x
Small Intestine
Immunohistochemistry Portal Triad of Liver 200x w/ Actin, Connexon and DAPI markers
Frozen Section of the Intestine
parrafin section of intestine
Immunohistochemistry of Rat Uterus
Rat Hippocampal Formation
Villi 1000x
Kidney Glumerulus
Parafin Kidney
Immunohistochemistry of the Rat Brain 200x
Composite Image of Rat Heart
Kidney 400X
Liver Portal Triad ICC 20x
Rat Trachea
Immunohistochemistry - liver 40X
20x Liver Fluorescence
Trachea, Thryoid, Parathyroid
Rat Kidney - Medullary Pyramid, 20X
Histologically stained Rat tongue 200x
Renal Corpuscles, Fluorescence Microscopy 200X
Duodenum section of the Small Intestine
Rat Small Intestine 200x
Rat Kidney Paraffin Wax Microtome
Renal Corpuscle 200x
Rat Tongue Immunohistochemistry 10x
Kidney Adipose Tissue
Tongue 10x
Urinary Bladder Rat 400X
Urinary Bladder 200X
Urinary Bladder 100X
Immunohistochemistry Image of Spleen
Duodenum (Small Intestine)
Skeletal muscle 10X
Elastic Artery 10x
Thyroid 10x
Tongue 10X
Lymph Nodes
Mouse Heart
Spleen 65
Vas Deferens 20x
Human Lymph Node 40X
Testis - Rat
Thymus 100x
Ilium (Small Intestine) 2x
Ovary 10x (inset at 20x)
Vas Deferens (Ductus Deferens) 20x
Lymph node 100x
Spleen 100X