Fall 2013 Gallery

Welcome to Fall 2013 Gallery, the UMass Histology Gallery.

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Pancreas 20X
Rabbit Ovary 20X
Rabbit Cerebellum 100X
uterus 40x
Lymph Node 10x
Vas Deferens 10x
Thymus 10x
Vas deferens - Dog (10x)
Testis (Human) 4X
Testis 4X
Ovary 10x
Uterus 40x
Vas deferens (Dog) 10x
Spleen 10X
Lymphatic Tissue
Aorta- Elastic Artery 2 4x
Lymphatic Tissue
Lymphatic Tissue 10x
Human Lymph Node
Lymph Node 10x
Human Spleen 4x
Human Uterus 10x
Vas Deferens (20x/0.40)
Dog Spleen 10x
Palatine Tonsils 10X
Lymphnode 10X
Testes 20x
Human Palatine Tonsil 4x
Uterus- 4X
Lymph Node 10x
Uterus 10X
Lymph node 4X
Palatine Human Tonsil - 4X/0.10
Human Testis
Monkey Illeum 20X
Vas Deferens (Dustus Deferens)
Ovary 10x
Lymph node 2X
Lymphatic Tissue, 20x
Testis 200x
Spleen 4x
Uterus 20x/.4
Thymus 40x SR
Ovary, 10x
Palatine Tonsils 4x
Human Testis 10x
Thymus 200x
Vas Deferens 10x/0.25
Large intestine
Stomach- Cardiac Region 10x
Small Intestine, Monkey duodenum 10X
Large Intestine (Human Colon) 4x
Large Intestine