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Mammal Trachea - 20x

Submitted by karyekarniec on Tue, 02/06/2018 - 15:07


The title of the image should be the type of epithelium you are showing, not the tissue type (although in future labs, it will be the tissue type). Please include the total magnification of the image in the description below the image. Please use 1-2 letters in your image as labels, not full words which distract from the image (i.e. C for cilia, etc.), then define those labels in a key in the description below the image. In general, black is a good choice of color for font/lines to not distract from the image. Try to get the image in better focus and lighting- it's really hard to actually see the cells of the epithelium, which is the whole point of the image. When labeling epithelium, bracket off a regino of cells of that type of epithelium, don't just have an arrow pointing to 1 cell. Please label nuclei and the lumen too.