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Week 2 Assignment Draft part 2

Submitted by semans on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 11:51

The methods section of the leaf-mining paper is divided into three subheadings, each describing a different part of experimental data collection. The leaf-mining paper’s results section is divided into four subheadings, each explaining a different part of the data collected. The second section of the slime-mold paper describes the reasons for which the experimental subject was chosen, serving a similar purpose to the leaf-mining paper’s introduction. In the slime-mold paper, the third and fourth sections serve as a combined methods and results section. These parts of the paper both describing how the experiments were carried out and the results thereof. 

The discussion portion of the leaf-mining paper is subdivided under three headings and details the implications of the study as well as plausible avenues of future investigation. The fifth section of the slime mold paper takes a step back from the experiment and instead describes why the subject of the study was chosen as it applies to another field. The final section of the slime mold paper bears similarities to the discussion portion of the leaf-mining paper, as it too describes the implications of the research and areas of future inquiry.