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Submitted by rmmcdonald on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:24

I woke up to my roommate's alarm. 

I climbed out of bed to make coffee. 

I reached under the kitchen sink to remove my metal tub of coffee grounds and coffee filters. 

I disposed of the coffee grounds left in the machine from yesterday and set up a new pot of coffee.

 While that brews I prepare myself for the day by getting dressed and brushing teeth. 

I bring up the daily new podcasts on my phone to listen to the recap of the presidential debates as I eat my pumpkin pie and drink my orange juice.

 I dumped my coffee into my coffee mug with some milk.

 I head to my civil war discussion section. 

I walk to shade tree labs for my pre med advising with wilmore webley.

 I walk to Durfey so that I can do work outside. 

I walk to blue wall to get food. 

I order a sandwich from the Deli. 

I took the sandwich to the geology lounge in order to consume it. 

I completed an assignment for my Roman history class.

 I walked to the BCRC to attend Writing and Biology. 




Walking: walking between buildings 

Preparing: preparing the coffee, the podcast, and myself

Eating: I ate the pumpkin pie and the sandwich 

Drinking: I drank the coffee and the orange juice

Working: I did work for class


Walking acts as my primary mode of transportation around campus. I spend approximately most of my time ambling between Morrill and the Honors College. This 7-10 minute stroll accommodates the largest distance I must walk, therefore taking the most time. Once I am on the other side of campus, where Morrill is located, most of my walks will not take longer than 5 minutes. The walk between Morrill and Blue Wall falls in the middle of the day and marks the time where I purchase lunch. I will then walk with my lunch to various locations to consume it. Today I again walked for 5 minutes from Blue Wall to Morrill so that I can eat my lunch in the geology lounge. Sometimes I get ambitious and walk around Morrill without a map when I need to find a professor’s office. In that case I spend an extra 15 minutes lost in Morrill until I give up and look at a map. At the end of the day, after walking around to all my classes, I amble back to my dorm to eat a snack. From there I walk three minutes to the gym where I walk up the stair climber for approximately 15 minutes. After I walk back to my dorm, my strolls cease for the day unless I go to visit a friend.