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Virtual poster

Submitted by kheredia on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 14:27


What instantly drew me into this poster other than my interest for whales was its display of the whale sighting app they were advertising inside the screen of a smartphone. Not only was there a layout of a poster, but there was a layout inside of that layout, that being, the way the app looked on the smartphone photos they provided. It added even more of a dynamic to the poster. The design of the poster was very organized and clear, with nothing too distracting other than the neon colors of the bar graph on the right side of the poster. The colors used were mostly consistent and were not hard on the eyes other than that. The color of the design had a theme and were mostly neutral colors like blue and gray theme to match the photographs of the ocean and maps they provided. The text was plain and fitting; it did not distract me. The only fault was the lack of white space. They fit a lot of information into one poster, so there was not much breathing room for space between sections.