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tuesday draft

Submitted by mlabib on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 12:29

After watching the short film “In Sickness and in Wealth”, I have learned many statistics which saddens me, especially given such poor statistics for a country who spends 2 trillion dollars spent on medical care. Most of my family lives in the United States, so to learn that we have very poor health rates and disease rates scare me and my families future.In this paper, I will be exploring three major concepts, the sadness’ going on in Louisville, excess death (low employment grade deaths), racism and health and lastly solutions to U.S health inequalities. . These three concepts connect as they are all correlated in one way. In America We live shorter and sicker lives. 30th in life expectancy. We are at the bottom of the list, and babies die earlier in America than Malta, Slovenia. This is sad considering we are much more advanced than them. Lastly, 47 million of us do not have health care coverage. Unfortunate reality.