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Spider Web

Submitted by mpetracchi on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 20:55

Outside my apartment, under the stairs, there is a medium-sized spider-web. It is fairly sturdy. Some wind swept by and the web didn't move too much. It’s already caught a couple of bugs. There are an ant and a small flying insect, and both appear to be dead or at least not moving. The web itself is packed into a corner and the bulk of the threads are in the center of the corner with decreasing amounts of threads near the edges. As well as possible food, there's also some debris on the web. A small dried leaf swept into the web and got caught. It’s approximately half an inch long and very dry. It appears to be fairly old and may be a part that has broken off a larger leaf. It has a couple of small holes on the bottom left. They are about the size of a push pinhole. The web is not very tightly packed, as seeing through it is not much of a problem. When a light is shone onto the web it reflects some of the light. Around this spider web, there are some older cobwebs, which seem out of use. They are unattached to any major structure. I am assuming they are old because they seem deteriorated and have accumulated dirt. They sway if any wind is present and otherwise hang from single points. The spider who spun this web is not currently present. I am not going to touch it for a number of reasons. Mainly I am not too fond of spiders and their webs because for whatever reason they make me feel slightly uneasy.