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Seaweed draft

Submitted by rbudnick on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 21:56

Seaweed aquaculture has increased in popularity and in economic value over the past decade, but still has potential to expand into a worldwide industry. Seaweed aquaculture involves the cultivation of a variety of species, and the popularity and fitness of these species have fluctuated over time as the climate changes. Aquaculture has been greatly developed in Asian and South-east Asian countries where seafood (including macroalgae) contributes to a decent proportion of the local diet. Seaweed farming has since spread south and has developed in the warm rich waters around Australia and the Pacific Islands. A recent evaluation suggests that more than thirty countries have aquaculture, particularly that of seaweed, contributing to their economy. Currently, EU member states, India, and South Africa are leading the world in implementing climate change mitigation procedures while Canada, the US, and Russia are lagging. The most extensive decarbonization efforts were implemented in EU member states, and China (Zheng, Streimikiene, Balezentis, Mardani, Cavallaro, Liao.) Even the countries leading in these aspects could benefit from greater implementation and development of seaweed aquaculture.