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scientific writing

Submitted by ziweiwang on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 21:30

One of the most interesting things about scientific writing is that almost by definition, should not cultural contexts. The reason for this is that scientific writing is often done by people who learn English as a second language. I thought that this was always quite interesting because languages are one of the reasons why people end up going to the sciences rather than the humanities, and yet in the sciences, people are more often forced to write in a foreign language and need to convey the information more clearly. specifically in the context of writing, there should be no reason why scientific writing should have complicated language, or literary references because they are read mainly by those who speak English as a second language and the fact that the language needs to be relatively clear.  At least that was what I was thinking when I was smart behavior of true slime mold in a labyrinth. it has nothing to do with the actual assignment, but I thought that it was interesting that the article was written by someone at Hokkaido University in Japan who presumably learned English as a second language. On first glance, the writing was really simple, with words that would never be found in an English class book. Then I remembered that once on a website teaching Japanese scientists how to read in English that writing a scientific article in English is slightly more different than actual English, which due to the fact that it is an actual language change quite constantly, and the accepted norms for English does not necessarily mean that it is a norm with normal English.