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scientific literature assignment draft

Submitted by rytaylor on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 12:05

The two scientific articles begin strucurally the same, with the title and authors. The leaf mining larvae article then delves into a pre-Introduction paragraph whereas the slime mold  one starts with a short and concise Abstract. The introduction to the leaf mining article outlines the purpose of the study and includes references to previous studies and data regarding the topic. There is also a table which organizes preliminary data on the species' being studied. The slime mold article does not contain an introduction, the first section following the abstract describes the behavior of the organism that will be studied in order to learn about the organism's intelligence. Both articles have distinct, numbered sections in which different components of the research are discussed. The article on leaf mining larvae contains many different figures, graphs, and tables to present the data, but the slime mold one does not. The slime mold article includes a set of photographs of the organism. The larvae article contains both results and discussion sections, which also have their own lengthy subsections. The slime mold article does not contain any sections labelled as results or discussion, but instead contains headings which are titled according to what is beign discussed in each section. For example, the last section's heading poses a question about the behavior observed in the research and then the question is answered within the last remaining paragpraphs.