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Sample Leaf Analysis 09/06

Submitted by jasmeenkaurm on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:30


- Compound leaf

- Three leaflets

- Glossy on one side and rough on the other

- Red Stem

- Purple bumps on all three leaflets

- Two leaflets identical (teardrop shape), big leaflet kite shaped

- Black spots on the midrib

- Yellow outline of the whole leaf

- Flat leaf

- White powder on the end of stem

- 8 cm height, 7.5 cm width

- 2 Leaflets yellower as compared to the third


The sample given by Professor Brewer in class was a compound leaf (was open from one point in different directions, like a palm). It appeared to be plucked from a plant having red stem. The end of the stem was large- bulb like. The leaf had yellower outline and was waxy on the upper part as compared to the lower part of the leaf. The upper part of the leaf also appeared dark green as compared to the lower part. The leaf had three leaflets, two of which were of the same size and appeared to be identical whereas the bigger leaflet was kite shaped and different than the other two. Two small leaflets were teardrop shaped and had purplish spots on them. One of the leaflets also had purplish bumps which made the plant look malnourished or diseased.  The leaf was overall a littl dried out. All three leaflets were pale green (yellowish green) in colour but one of them was darker than the other two. The midrib of the bigger leaflet aso had black spots which were evident. The purple spots on the leaflets also followed a curvy pattern. Leaflets also seemed to have little hair coming out of them. Red stem also became yellower as it extended through the leaves as the midrib. Veins of the leaf also followed a beautiful pattern and looked like alveoli of the lungs. Veins were lighter in color as compared to the color of the leaf. At last, odor of the leaf cannot bedescribed but the leaf had a very distinguishable scent.