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Roman Military

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Fri, 10/25/2019 - 12:05

In the early, mythic years of Rome, the military seemed intrinsically linked to Romulus and as the mythological leader, he set the tone for future evolution. Romulus supposedly tied the defense of the city to the population that established it. Romulus recruited the population of Rome by offering asylum and “a promiscuous young crowd of freemen and slaves eager for change, fled thither from the neighboring states” to join Rome (Livy 125). The influx of young, motivated men helped not only build the city, but supplied the basis of an informal military. Even though these individuals came from all different states and backgrounds, these men made up a Roman State that was “so strong that was a match for any of its neighbors in war” (Livy 125). The mythical establishment of a militia style military seemed to reflect the characteristics that Romans of the Republic desired their military to embody. This includes the characteristic of the initial Roman military being accepting of those who were willing to fight for the city. Romans of the Republic looked back and established this fable in order to reflect the ideals they hope to aspire in the contemporary military institution.



in the first sentence "Romulus and as the mythological leader, he set..." sounds a little awkward. You could use a comma "Romulus, the mythological leader, he set..."

I think you meant to use "hoped" to make the past tense consisten throughout ths sentence. 

You included a source citation in text, which is good, however you did not provide the properly formated source at the end of the paragraph, which renders the citation unsourced. Consider adding that.