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Results part 1 draft

Submitted by kheredia on Thu, 10/03/2019 - 17:21

For the purpose of organization, the comparisons between my original figure, Figure 1, and the replicated figure created by a classmate, Figure 2, were observed in 4 separate categories for distinctions: layout and label differences, then differences referring to the photographs in panels a, b, and c, respectively. When observing the layout of the figures for comprehensive differences, four large distinctions were present. I discovered that Figure 2 contained white borders separating each panel. This feature was absent in Figure 1. Furthermore, Without scaling the photos, Figure 1 in its entirety resembled a square, and Figure 2 exhibited the shape of a rectangle. This variation in shape indicated that both figures were not analogous, because Figure 2 panels were larger in size by length but not in width. The labeling on each of the panels were also different. The letters were smaller in Figure 2 and the white circles they were enclosed in were wider and closer to an oval compared to Figure 1. Ultimately, I detected a difference between the labeled arrows. The arrow tips were not the same size relative to the body of the arrow. In Figure 1, the arrows were slender with a wider tip while in Figure 2, the ratio of arrow tip and body was more proportional.