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reflection part 3

Submitted by ziweiwang on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 21:36

I think that the biggest problem is that I was kind of vague about the project and I tested the project constantly and switched the project method constantly, so it made the group members a bit difficult to keep up what is actually happening. Of course, I also did a run-through of the project to make sure that it is actually feasible which it was, but it took me 8 hours to do so, and that was without the research. I kind of regretted this because I just wasted 8 hours on things that wouldn't be graded on when I could have been working on grammar, which was something that needed desperate attention. I think that this project that I did the worst one, especially since I was so burned out by the end, I forgot to do a final run-through of editing process, and while both of my group members told me that they have done a run-through by themselves, and this is going to sound terrible, I don't necessarily trust them to get things done. 


The third project went surprisingly alright. It, however, started terrible, with group members going missing at a crucial time point when data needed to be gathered. I was actually quite angry at this because group members have failed to show up before and I‌ think at least an apology was warranted, as the plan went off-course and other people's time was wasted, but I never got any, which was frustrating, because it just shows how much the group members only care about themselves. After the Thanksgiving break was when the real hell started. First, no one answers my emails. Then my concerns about who is going to work on what has brushed aside, and only when I absolutely refused to do more work at the night before when the poster was supposed to be printed at around 1 am everyone got to work. Most of the things that were needed for the poster was done at 10 am. We ended up meeting to print the poster at 6\.