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Reflection- Methods

Submitted by ekirchner on Sat, 12/07/2019 - 23:51

Overall, I enjoyed the methods project. Before beginning the project, I thought it may be too much work, and I was a little annoyed about how much out-of-class time was required. After beginning,however, I started to see just how valuable the project actually was. I also was surprised at how smoothely it went, and I dd not have to put extreme aounts of effort into it, especially following the methods of my peer. I found it useful to see someone else's writing and use it to format methods sections in other classes. Overall, this project taught me how to write clearly and concisely, how to put just the right amount of detail into something, and how to put myself into anoher scientist's shoes. I imagined being a person outside of this class, and how my thought process would be if I was seeing these methods for the first time. It also helped me remove myself from the writing, even when using "I" statements, when we went over differences vs. assumptions and writing without judgement. I used what I learned from the methods project to help me write my midterm report for another lab, and I am sure it will help me again in the future.