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reflection essay part 1

Submitted by ziweiwang on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 21:26

This year, I worked on a total of three projects for writing in biology class. These projects included methods project, where I was asked to create a method, and someone else would follow it, and I would be then asked to analyze the results and why there were differences. The second project that I‌worked on was the proposal project, where were were asked to propose a project that can be done in the class. The third project was the poster project, where we would follow the method proposed by the proposal to make a poster around the result. Throughout the year, I was asked to write some drafts every week write a perfect paragraph every week and write a reflection essay at the end of semester In the end, I think that in these three projects, method, proposal poster, drafts, perfect paragraph and reflection I did learn many things, however, I also face some unique challenges such as working in a group, dealing with my own mental health, and learning to ask for help. 


For the method project, because the project was done individually, the biggest challenge that I faced was my own problems, namely my less than a stable mental state, my insecurities with writing, and my tendencies to mess up the first draft significantly. When I first started the project, the biggest thing that I thought was less what place to put the camera or where to take it, but how can I make it so that the result would be the most similar and I approached it from there I also did write the method section of the project and hand it in, but it was somewhat incomplete. This was a major problem because usually when I first submit a draft, as most professors can tell, it is terrible. I usually generally rewrite for every single draft. While this is time-consuming, by rewriting it, the paragraph structure would sound less forced and more natural compared to just being edited part by part.