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Reflection of Ecology paper

Submitted by nkantorovich on Wed, 11/20/2019 - 15:15

Yes, the larger question presented in the paper is “the effects of water availability on plant communities.” This question is clearly defined in the beginning of the introduction. The background information is thoroughly elaborated on. This paper goes into detail about green house gas affects on precipitation patterns, giving the reader a full background on how green house gasses work and their potential impact. There is one part of the paper that mentions storm tracks without a brief background, leaving the reader a bit confused. The references are useful, especially when they tie in information pertaining to New England climate. The references are cited properly. Yes, the larger question of “the effects of water availability on plant communities” is tied to the hypothesized statement that different slopes will have different amounts of runoff and evaporation leading to different types of vegetation occupying that space. The hypothesis is linked to the prediction that the three sites on the Holyoke Range will have different amounts of water availability.