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Submitted by smomalley on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 16:45

In psychology we learned that there are some cultures that do not have words for certain, or any numbers. These societies do not crumble because they don't have our version of numbers, but it is hard to imaging a society that could function without numbers. It has been proven that all human babies are born with an innate way of thinking about quantities and numbers. Innatly, we think of numbers logarythmically. We think that the jump between 1 and 2 is infanitely bigger than the jump form 8 and 9 because 1 to 2 is doubling the number while 8 to 9 is adding just a fraction of the number. This is how some of the societies without words for discrete numbers oporate. They use the logarythmic numbers that we, in our society, are much less comfortable with than our version of intervaled discrete numbers.