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Submitted by smomalley on Sun, 11/03/2019 - 13:54

There is a viatamese village that historically, did not have many deaf individuals. This village had no universal way of communicating with the deaf individuals and vice versa. After generations of deaf individuals not being able to communicate, or be fully included in society, the presidents son was born deaf. This launched a new private school for disable children, specifically for the deaf. This school brough deaf children from all over the country to one location. Many of the kids had never met another deaf person before. These kids all used different ways of communicating in their home villages and had to adapt to their new environment. Over the years the communication between children became more and more uniform, eventually leading to a new sign language for the deaf individuals. This new language has been expanded and perfected over the years to create a community of deaf people in the country who can socialize and be a part of society.