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Project Reflection

Submitted by ekirchner on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 19:51

This semester was the first time I have had any classes with independent research projects. That being said, I really enjoyed the project and poster we did on seed germination and seed coat manipulation. Before the project, My group and i had worked on the proposal and we worked very hard on the logistics of it, so planning the project was actually fairly easy. The only real task was incorporating a new group into the project, but we had already addressed multiple groups in the proposal. The data collection for the project went fairly smoothely and making the poster was very straight-forward especially when the work was split among us. I enjoyed making a poster for the final project because we have done so much writing throughout the semester. The class where we went over making the poster I also found very useful, especially format of images, programs to make them on, and what to include on your poster in general. I thought that the porject assignment was a great wrap-up to the semester.