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PP Leaf Observation (9/6)

Submitted by bkrislov on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:25

The object given was a piece of plant matter approximately 5.6 cm in length. It has a small red stem which extends straight. It is covered in short white hairs that present as a small fuzz. After 2cm it branches out in 3 directions. The stem then loses its color and becomes a brownish central support for a trio of leaves which are in forked out at 90 degree angles from each other. The leaves and the stem form a cross pattern when viewed from the front. The twin side leaves are diamond shaped with rounded points on the sides, while the top leaf is more of a fan shape. It extends from a V shape and then ends with an uneven bumpy-edged pattern. The center leaflet is slightly longer than the others at 3.3 cm, while the smaller side leaflets are 2.2 and 2.3 cm. Each is about the same width ranging from 1.9-2.1 cm. Overall it is very thin, with the stem being roughly a millimeter thick and the leaves around ½ mm. Most likely the three leaves are leaflets, and this stem is one leaf off of a larger plant. The front face of the leaves are a dark waxy green, and the backside is pale and light colored.



Just be sure to be consistent with your spacing, as you write '2cm' with no space between the unit and the number.

Keep units and numbers consistent. Add spaces between the number and unit, and either do all decimals or all fractions.

I like this paragraph however I believe it is a very quantitative paragraph. There were a lot of numbers which is no problem, but maybe try to include some more descriptive features, going in more depth about its color, smell, feel, etc.