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Submitted by damianszyk on Sun, 11/17/2019 - 20:34

Scientists have discovered two new species of electric eels and one of them can deliver a shock greater than the highest recorded shock from eels at 650 volts. This new species can deliver a zap at 860 volts. This discovery of a new species of electric eel is the first in over 250 years. These eels are found mostly in the Amazon rainforest. It is in this region where the scientists were able to discover these two new species of eels. To determine if the two eels were the same species, the scientists had to look at the bone structure. Doing so, they were able to determine differences in the bones and were able to accureately confirm that the two eels were different species. 



Where was this information obtained? The citation should be included. 

the topic sentence is a little wordy and makes it sound like the new species of eel can shock at 650, until you read the next sentence