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Poster review

Submitted by smomalley on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 16:39

Overall, this is a very organized and informative poster. The color scheme looks attractive, there are not too many words or figures, information is spread out nicely. This is a great example of a model poster.

            The design of the poster is nicely put together. The flow of information and spacing between sections is well thought out. The poster is consistent with formatting, and the typography looks good on the poster.

            The organization of the poster is satisfactory. There is a nice flow, the information is easy to find and to read. The important information is clearly displayed and explained in each section. This poster did not get full credit for organization because it does not include an abstract or a discussion section. There is a background information section that could serve as an introduction, but the abstract and discussion are left out.

            The writing of the poster is very clear and concise. The information is presented in paragraphs for the background and methods sections. There are no grammatical or spelling errors and the typography is appropriate and uniform. The poster is written in scientific writing, and the word count is appropriate for a poster.

            The content of the poster is informative and well presented. The data is presented appropriately, showing graphs with final numbers and conclusions, not raw data or statistics. All graphs have high resolution and are crisp and sharp. There does not seem to be a problem with the copyright. Overall, the poster is persuasive in that utilizing current public health information and databases does not cost more, or take time away from other patients, for the treatment of TB.