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Poster draft

Submitted by zalam on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 15:20

The poster is very colorful but the dark color in the background is capturing too much attention away from the text. The layout is balanced appropriately. The headings are level 1 headings, but for introduction, method, discussion and neuroimaging study are not centered. The font for the body is too small. The flow of information is organized very well. It has the title, authors, a figure legend for the results and discussion. The blue background is rounded around the corners. The information is all placed in places that are easy to find. Important information was bolded. Each section is appropriately focused. There is no indentation for any of the paragraphs, but they paragraphs are indicated by leaving space in between. There are no grammatical errors and the language is appropriate. There is not an overwhelming amount of information. The  data is presented in the form of graphs with descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation). All vectors objects are crisp and sharp.  The references are cited, giving credits to others. The poster is informative and persuasive.