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Poster Assignment 2

Submitted by nkantorovich on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 15:06

The design of this poster is dynamic and colorful. It has an attractive design with a clear green theme throughout. The flow of the poster is easy to follow and it organized in separate columns. All of the objects are lined up consistently and each column looks the same size. The color throughout the poster is captivating and flows throughout the layout. The font size is too small in comparison to the images and it makes it difficult to read all of the text. The font itself is easy to read and a good choice. 

The writing in this poster is organized in paragraphs and in simple sentences. There are no grammatical, spelling or typographical errors that can be observed. The language in this poster is simple yet informative. There is a nice ratio of data points to text in this poster. The word count in this poster is not overwhelming. It is dispersed throughout the poster and not clustered in one location.