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Plant Trimming Observations

Submitted by asalamon on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:17

While in class on September 6, Professor Brewer passed out an object that appeared to be some sort of organic plant trimmig.  The trimming contained three leaves and a stem.  The stem ended to become the base which all the leaves grew from. Of the three leaves, one extended straight from the branch.  This leaf was the longest of the three with a diamond-like shape with the edges having a slight scalloped appearance.  The other two leaves extended from the stem at approximatly 90* angles.  These leaves were shorter and stockier in appearance but still had the diamond-like shape with scalloped edges.  Due to the orientation of the leaves with the stem, there is bilateral symmetry expressed by this plant trimming.  The trimmed stem is a reddish color and extends about a third to halfway into the central plane of the leaf until it changes into the light green of the rest of the veins of the leaves.  From the central vein of each leaf, all other branches of veins emerge from in a pattern similar to the bronchi of the lungs.  The light color of the veins contrasts the bright medium to dark shade of the leaf's front and matches the lighter green of the underside of the leaf. From the underside of the leaf, the veins are still visable but only as raised lines of the leaf.  The underside of the leaf is softer with a slight texture while the front side is waxy, most likely the cuticle of the plant. 



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There are a few typos here and there, as well as some redundancies such as "that appeared to be some sort of organic plant trimming" could be narrowed down to "that appeared to be an organic plant trimming" as this conveys the meaning of the phrase more concisely.