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Perfect Paragraph 8

Submitted by ashorey on Fri, 11/01/2019 - 13:44

Nuclear lamins are intermediate filaments in all animal cells that little is known about. It is not common to know what nuclear lamin are or what they do. Nuclear lamina mutations however are responsible for a high number of common diseases in the human population. Nuclear lamina are a type five intermediate filament that come in two main types, A and B. Both types of filaments have subtypes, and all animals express at least one subtype of B lamins. A common disease occurs when a type A prelamin, that is a type A lamin that is modified to produce other subtypes of A lamin, has a mutation to not allow it to bind properly to membranes and DNA. It congregates in the nuclear envelop and causes progenic syndromes and muscular dystrophies. These affect many people across the globe and nuclear lamina is clearly very involved in multi-cellular organisms. They are very structurally important for working muscles and an effective nervous system. 



"It is not common to know what nuclear lamin are or what they do." is an unnecessary sentence in this paragraph.

Maybe change the terms "little is known about" to something like "not well studied" or "that there is not suffieceint research on"

You switch from using "lamins" to "lamina", which is a bit confusing to follow.