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Negative Feedback Loops

Submitted by smomalley on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 23:34

Negative feedback loops are a vital part of human anatomy and physiology. Negative feedback loops are involved in a wide variety of functions such as body temperature or insulin regulation. When these feedback loops go awry, all sorts of problems can take place. One example of a malfunctioning negative feedback loop is seen in type 1 diabetes. Insulin regulation is controlled through a negative feedback loop where pancreatic beta cells are the receptor cells. In type 1 diabetes, there are no pancreatic beta cells, they are destroyed by the immune system. Because of this the regular negative feedback loop, which supplies insulin to the blood when blood glucose levels are elevated, cannot function properly. This lapse in negative feedback loop function results in no insulin delivery to cells based on glucose levels in the blood. This is why individuals with type 1 diabetes need to inject themselves with insulin, their cells cannot deliver it on its own.