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Mystery Plant

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:22

At first glance this small cutting appears ordinary. With three leaves that diverge from the same point from a sturdy pink tinted stem. One of the leaves grows directly out of the end of the stick, whereas the other two leaves are perpendicular to the stem. The pinkish tint extends down from the stem into the leaves, showing the movement of the "veins" in the leaves. The two perpendicular leaves appear slightly smaller at approximately 30 mm long and 20 mm wide. However, the leaf that falls parallel to the stem is slightly longer, at approximately 40 mm long, and is less uniform. The parallel leaf has a more slanted shape, meaning that the "vein" that runs along the middle of the leaf swerves off to the side. This is unlike the two perpendicular leaves whose "veins" run straight from their origin to the end of the leaf. This adds to the overall character of the leaf, counteracting my first assumption that the clipping appeared unamusing.

Little dark spots also add to the character of the clipping. These dark spots make up a small swiveling pattern that is found on one of the perpendicular leaves. In addition, the stem itself seems to have a unique texture. The tiny "hairs" on the stem create a smooth and soft texture on the stem. The end of the stem, where the clipping was cut from the bush, seems rather blunt. Therefore, the clipping must have been torn off instead of cut off. The stem transitions from a yellowish-pink to a dark pink as it gets closer to where it was cut. The only other spot on the stem that is as pink as the end would be the point where all the leaves diverge from. These unique characteristics exhibited by the clipping seemed to have only revealed themselves under closer observation.



I don't think the quotation marks around vein and hairs are necessary. I was tempted to use quotations as well but because they are legitimate terms used to describe plant anatomy I think you don't need to include them. I could be wrong 

I just find it interesting that you used millimeters, my mind went straight to centimeters but I suppose millimeters is a more percise and appropriate unit of measurement.

Your sentences are well varied and do not start with the subject each time.