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My Leaf

Submitted by damianszyk on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 15:36

The green, veiny, three-leafed object held together by a reddish-brown stem was placed in front of me. At first glance, it was obvious to see the shapes of each of the three leaves were very similar but not quitely exact, making the leaves unique from each other. As the reddish-brown stem continues to where it meets the leaves at a single point, a color change from reddish-brown to a yellow is oberved. From there, this yellow vein runs from the base to the tip of the leaf, with more and more veins branching off of the main one. Looking even closer, a color of yellow runs around the perimeter of the leaves. The yellow perimeter runs around all the leaves and is joined at the base of the leaves at the reddish-brown stem. The sizes of the leaves on the left and right have a very similar length and width. The leaf in the middle is much taller and wider than the two on the sides. To be exact, the length from the base of the middle leaf to the tip is 5.0 cm, while the lengths of the two side leaves have an average length of 3.5 cm. The only leaf that was significantally different than the other two was the leaf on the left side that had a big brown spot on it. Besides the very small imperfections between the three leaves, the leaf as a whole was somewhat vertically symmetrical.




In the last line you can edit the typo as you wrote "verticall" instead of "vertically".

Instead of saying 'The green, veiny ... was placed in front of me'  say 'A green, veiny ... was placed in front of me'. Also, you can get rid of the passive voice by saying 'My professor placed a front of me'.


You did a great job with the overall description of the plant. However, you use the vague terms to describe the color of the plant. You might want to look up a color chart to exactly identify the name of the color it looks like.