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Methods Part 2

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Wed, 09/18/2019 - 13:46

 The selected plant is approximately 3’ 2” tall and bushed out towards the top of the plant. The leaves are small and pointed with purple discoloration on most of the leaves. The stem of the plant is mostly brown with some hints of scarlet where new branches grow out of the stem. Berries represent another unique characteristics of this plant. The dark purple berries grow off the end of the branches. The smooth coat of the berries and the leaves readily reflect the sun. The plant holds some dried berries that hang from the plant, ready to fall off. These berries are crucial to discovering the identity of this plant. The patio of the architecture building contains two different types of plants that can grow berries: huckleberry and shadberry. Due to the pointed structure of the leaves and the scarlet coloration of the stem, the plant could be identified as a shadberry plant. The berries of a shadberry plant have the same distinct, protruding calyx  that are not as present on huckleberries.