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Methods Introduction

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 21:53

In Junior Year Writing Class at the University of Massachusetts, Amerhst, Professor Brewer assigned a project to capture and replicate signs of phytophagy on the UMass campus. This project allowed students to study what controllable factors and unavoidable discrepancies appear when replicating an individual’s methods. Furthermore, capturing evidence of phytophagy on the UMass campus offered a process to learn about how to create a perfect figure and follow others’ methods. The focus of my figure was a leaf found on a large bush in the rooftop garden of the John W. Olver Design Building. I chose this specimen due to its convenient location and obvious signs of phytophagy. In addition factors were more easily controlled since this is a privately maintained garden therefore the bush would not be destroyed. The time of day, zoom, perspective, and quality of the photos were also considered when this example of phytophagy was captured so that it can be replicated accurately.