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Methods Draft

Submitted by rmmcdonald on Sun, 09/22/2019 - 21:32

I entered the John W. Olver Design Building at UMass Amherst located at 551 N. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA 01003-2901. Upon entering through the front entrance, I used the wooden, exposed stairs on the left side of the first floor to reach the third floor. After reaching the third floor, I walked straight until the hallway splits to left and right. I took that left and a rooftop garden became visible through windows on my left. A few steps down the hall, I used a door to access the garden. Once inside the rooftop patio, I walked to the back of the left side of the patio till I reached the bench located in the back. After turning around, I spotted a small tree in the planter that is flush to the right side of a garden wall that shows signs of phytophagy. With feet against the bench, I captured the first picture of the figure to display the size of the small tree. Walking directly towards the small tree, a leaf the bares extreme signs of phytophagy becomes evident. This leaf composes the second photo of the figure.