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Methods Draft 2

Submitted by nskinner on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 20:13

To find evidence of phytophagy you must first find a place that would be a habitat to plants. The plants should be easy to access and show clear evidence of the consumption of their leaves. First bike or walk to the Lot 12 parking lot of University of Massachusetts Amherst. In the very back of the parking lot, which is the very west side of the parking lot is a guardrail. Behind this guardrail is a multitude of plants growing. Approximately 100 feet north from the very south corner of the parking lot there is a plant located about 2 feet behind the guardrail. Step over the guardrail to get closer to the plant. The plant has lanceolate serrated leaves, with purple flowers on the end of a long pinnacle. The leaves of this plant have 50-100 wholes in each leaf. The holes are likely caused by insects eating the plant. Take a picture of one of these leaves from about 5 inches distance. Be sure to focus the camera on the leaf when taking the picture. Take another picture of the entire plant itself from a few feet away. Step back over the guardrail and back into the parking lot to take another picture of the entire plant. Walk about 20 feet away from the guardrail to take a picture of where the plant is in relation to the rest of the lot. To identify the plant, you can use a dichotomous key, or an app on your phone. I used an app called inaturalist that uses filters and gps to suggest possible ID’s for the plant. The app suggested that the plant was Blue Vervain