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Methods Draft 1

Submitted by semans on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 19:21

The pictures were all taken at 8:45AM on a sunny, windless day. First, a pen was held next to the subject. Then, a smartphone camera with flash turned off was aimed at the specimen, such that the camera was held flat and pointed directly at the specimen without angling the camera. Then, with the pen slightly offset, hand holding the pen out of shot, and the subject at the centre of the shot, several pictures were taken. The images were then self-emailed.

At 9:00AM a picture contextualizing the phytophagy was taken. The picture was taken from the path next to the divot and about ten metres down from the pedestrian crossing. The shot was taken from eye level, pointing the smartphone camera directly towards the hillock, and placing the specimen’s location more or less centrally in the picture. The bottom two thirds of the shot were made up of hillside and the top third was forest, including the subject of the close-up image. The images were then self-emailed.