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Submitted by smomalley on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 14:26

The find an example of phytophagy on campus, I tried to find a tree that was distinct and easy to locate. I used a tree that was right next to an intersection of two roads, and was not near other trees so that it was obvious which tree it was. I tried to make the leaf I photographed obvious by leaving paint on the leaf so that it would stand out among the other leaves on the tree. I used incskape and included the exact X and Y coodinates, and the width and height of the pictures so that the person replicating could have the same dimentions in their figures. I also included the zoom and the fartherest landmarks on the map so that the maps could have the same zoom and boundaries included. There are differences between the original and the replicate that can be explained by different times of day, different weather, different perspective of the pictures. The formatting differences can be explained by using different computer programs to make the figures.