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Submitted by mpetracchi on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 20:34

Once all three of the images have been gathered I opened google drive, clicked on the new media icon, and hovered over the tab labeled more. A second menu popped out to the side including google drawings. I opened the program which has an empty workspace with a checkerboard pattern in the center workspace. From here I imported the three images from before into the workspace by dragging and dropping them in. I oriented them left to right as follows: Close up shot, distant shot, map. The workspace itself is 10 inches across and the figure should fit that space exactly. I made the close-up image 2.7 inches wide by 3.61 inches tall, the distant shot 2.7 inches wide by 3.61 inches tall and the map is 4.6 inches wide by 3.61 inches tall. Overlaying the map image, I circled the approximate area where the leaf was found by clicking the 'shape' icon and adding a circle. I selected the border color icon and changed the color to red. I selected the arrow icon and added an arrow pointing towards the circle starting from the bottom right of the map. The figure looks as follows. Three images left to right including a close-up shot, distant shot, and map and a red circle identifying where the plant was found with an arrow pointing towards it. Export to a .png file by clicking ‘file’, then ‘download’, and select ‘PNG image (.png)’.



Good flow in your presentation of events. Only thing I can say is that I would prefer a colon after 'the figure looks as follows' compared to starting a new sentence.

this is good however there is a lot of explinations that run around the paragraph, it would be more useful perhaps use bulletpoints. 

You did a great job being so detailed in this paragraph! I was wondering if "Close up" is supposed to be capitalized or if it was a mistake. I don't believe it must be capitalized if follows a colon.